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What Is The Pongee Fabric
- Nov 18, 2017 -

What is the pongee fabric?

Chun Yafang, the English name poly pongee, commonly known as rain cloth can also be called "coated nylon spinning," is made of polyester low elastic raw materials. It's smooth and smooth fabric, light and durable texture, good elasticity and gloss, not shrink, easy to wash, quick-drying, feel good.

Chun Yafang types

The most common varieties of Chun Yafang fabrics are semi-elastic Chun Yafang, full-bombs Chun Yafang, extinction Chun Yafang, now the three series introduced below.


1. Half-spring pongee

The fabric warp polyester FDY60D / 24F as raw material, the selection of plain weave in water jet loom intertwined, the fabric after softening, reduction, dyeing, styling and other processing, the performance of the fabric with polyester silk luster.


Feel soft and smooth, not easy to fade, shiny bright, especially the production of colorful flags more bright.

Dyeing and finishing products after the high-temperature finishing hot embossed ginning process, is an "environmentally friendly" deep processing, so that the material bright color, soft touch, good ventilation. With embossed lining and jacquard lining comparable, and the price is much cheaper.


"Semi-elastic Chun Yafang" fabric has been making suits, suits, jackets, children's clothing, business wear and other lining materials, and now with the domestic exhibition and advertising industry, the growing demand for flags.


2. full spring pongee

"Full-bombs Chun Yafang" a wide variety of specifications complete, of which 240 T, 300 T, the market is the most favored, the fabric Jingwei are woven polyester DTY75D / 72F (network silk) interwoven, 3 twill) texture weaving.

Weaving process

Weaving process unique ingenuity, dyeing and finishing process application of "environmentally friendly" dyeing, prompting the appearance of cloth, gloss and so much better.

For example: coated PVC, PU, spinning velvet coating, and other fabric embroidery, powder composite, sanding, calendering, etc., so that the full range of elastic and more applicable.


Products after finishing different processing, the use of the fabric is very broad, both production down jacket, casual jackets, children's clothing, waterproof coating fabric can produce waterproof suits, umbrellas poncho, awning and so on.

3.Extinction Chun Yafang0c8fe43b7d694690a980a96ce064363b_th.jpeg

"Extinction Chun Yafang" is a family of full-bombs Chun Yafang, the fabric are latitude and longitude lines DTX dyed matt DTY75D / 72F or 50D / 72F (network wire), of which a fabric specifications for the 300T woven plain weave double texture And into.


Fabric can be made autumn casual jackets, children's wear and so on.

Chun Yafang specifications described


240T Chun Yafang

The T-number of a pongee refers to how many yarns the fabric has per unit area: the larger the T number, the more yarns per unit area.

75D * 150D / 288F

Refers to the warp yarn is 75D polyester yarn, weft yarn is 150D (denier), 288F (Filment) polyester yarn woven.

"D" is an abbreviation for DENIER, a method of expressing the fineness of chemical fibers, which means the weight of a 9000-meter yarn, also referred to as denier. The larger the D, the thicker the yarn.

"F" refers to the number of fibers per yarn. A higher F number means that each fiber that makes up the yarn is finer, whereas a smaller F means a thicker fiber.