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What Is Oxford Cloth
- Jun 25, 2018 -

What is Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various functions and uses. The main products in the market are: cover, full shell, nylon, Tig and other varieties originated in the United Kingdom. The traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University, Oxford cloth began Around 1900.

Set of Oxford cloth

Specially used for making all kinds of bags

The polyester latitude and longitude lines use polyester FDY150D / 36F. The application of plain weave fabric is made by weaving with water jet loom, the weft and weft density is 360X210, the fabric is loosened, alkali content, dyeing, antistatic, coating and other treatments, it has a light texture, soft texture, good waterproofness, and good durability. Other advantages. Such Oxford cloth bags are the best and the most common.

Nylon Oxford cloth

The main production of flood control rain supplies

The warp of the fabric adopts 200D nylon air change yarn, and the weft yarn uses 160D nylon air change yarn as raw material. Department of plain weave structure, products made by water weaving. After dyeing and finishing the fabric, the coating process has the advantages of soft hand feeling, strong drape, novel style, good waterproof performance, etc. Because of its excellent quality and novelty, it is loved by users. The fabric has a width of 150 cm. It is understood that the fabrics are based on the advantages of no fading and no deformation. Listed colors are dark blue, light black, tiger yellow, dark green and other different types, and according to customer demand batch dyeing a variety of different colors.

Full shot Oxford cloth

The main production of luggage

The warp and weft threads of the fabric are all made of polyester DTY300D, and the selection of the coarse point change through the air is made by interweaving the weaving machine. The fabric is loosely refined, pre-set, alkali reduction, and soft shaping. The fabric is then reversed by the rubber-plastic layer. Bags made from this fabric are sought after by many trendy women who love beauty because of their stylish appearance, delicate texture, and good waterproofness, and have become the new darling of the current women's bag market. The fabric is usually 150 cm in width

Tig Oxford

The main production of various bags

The fabric warp yarn uses polyester DTY400D network yarn and weft yarn uses polyester DTY yarn 400D. Tic textures are used to interweave on the water jet (with faucet) loom. The fabric is novel in design, unique in craftsmanship, with positive plaids highlighting and strong three-dimensional sensation, becoming the most prominent part of the fabric, and at the same time also adopting the coating (PU) process on the reverse side to make it more waterproof and drape better. Kinds of fashion bags. The width of the fabric is 160 cm. The listed colors mainly include black, navy and coffee series.

Weft Oxford cloth

The main production of various bags

The warp of the fabric is made of polyester FDY68D / 24F, the weft is made of FDY150D / 36F, and the weaving process is made by woven weaving with water jet weaving (with multi-arm faucet). Cloth noodles are clear, with modernity, artistry, drape. After the fabric has been dyed, embossed or calendered, it has the advantages of strong drape and good water resistance. Fabric width 160 cm

The material is also applied to the production of fashion casual gray shoes, because the material's own characteristics to dress with a rich choice!

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