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What Is Nylon Taffeta Fabric
- Nov 18, 2017 -

What is nylon taffeta fabric?

Nylon taffeta or nylon taffeta also known as nylon spinning, nylon filament yarn woven fabrics. With smooth and fine, smooth silk, soft, lightweight and fast-wear, bright color, washable and quick-drying properties, mainly for men and women clothing fabrics. Fabric composition is 100% nylon. Latitude and longitude lines using raw materials 70D. Tissue fabric plain weave, change the organization (diamond lattice, nylon six lattice, nylon Oxford lattice).

Nisi spinning derivatives are many, are called Nisi Fang, twill, satin, lattice, jacquard and so on. Generally based on the weight per square meter, can be divided into medium-sized (80g / m2) and thin (40g / m2).

After whitening, dyeing, printing, calendaring, embossed nylon spinning, fabric smooth and fine, smooth silk, soft, light and fast wear-resistant, bright color, easy to wash and quick-drying. Mainly used for men and women clothing fabric. Nissei coating airtight, impermeable, and has featherproof, can be used as a ski suit, raincoats, sleeping bags, mountaineering clothing.

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