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The Difference Between A Foreign Trade Company And An Overseas (Hong Kong) Company
- Jun 25, 2018 -

The main business of a trading company is to buy and sell commodities. The most important thing of a trading company is information and business channels.

The real trading company is to collect market demand and supply according to market rules and make a reasonable distribution. Resources can be allocated to meet people's needs. Also through the allocation of resources for commercial use and business reputation!

Foreign trade companies often do not have the right to import and export units do not do the import and export agents, charged agency fees. The first of a series of trade activities is to have carried out under the premise of import and export right, is to go through the steps in the process of the general customs, commodity inspection, banking, safe, tax rebates, national tax, government departments, etc

1. The registered capital is different: the registered capital of the Hong Kong company does not need capital verification, and the minimum amount is 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, but only represents the economic responsibility of the shareholders. The registered capital of foreign trade companies needs to be verified and put in place. If a company with the right to import and export is to be registered, one million registered capital is a high requirement for small and medium-sized enterprises.

2. OFFICE address: after registration, the Hong Kong company can not work in the field in Hong Kong, so there is no need to rent OFFICE. The registration of mainland foreign trade companies now requires the office of the commercial building, especially the import and export company, which the government has to check several times a year. The rent issue is a difference.

3, account properties: Hong Kong itself is a foreign company, so after open account whether mainland bank account or the local bank account in Hong Kong, overseas accounts are not affected by the mainland exchange control properties. Free to accept payment for goods from overseas customers and no foreign exchange settlement is required. After having money in the account, it can be transferred to any enterprise or individual account within or outside China. If it is transferred to the account of a mainland company, it is equivalent to the entry of foreign exchange outside China. The profit is retained in the account and can also be transferred to the individual foreign exchange account of mainland China and then used for settlement of foreign exchange. If you have funds that need to be transferred abroad, you can also transfer them directly, without the need for approval by safe to facilitate the use of foreign exchange. This is the biggest difference from the accounts of mainland companies, and it is also the main purpose that many friends use Hong Kong company to operate.

4, the company's image is different: Hong Kong has been praised by the international community, enjoy good reputation in the world, in the eyes of the international business community, Hong Kong is a very powerful brand, and potential developed into an international strong brand. Set up companies in Hong Kong, considered with have different characteristics, of Hong Kong brand enjoys a high degree of advantage, the international community awareness of Hong Kong brand, with high value maximum advantage.

Hong Kong as an international financial center in the world, where regional source of tax law principle, more added many companies registered in this appeal, because in this way, can avoid a lot of regulations of the state, the relevant foreign investment company limited. The policy has enormous advantages, making Hong Kong the best place for companies to register in the world.

To register and set up a company in Hong Kong is a rapid way to establish a brand. The performance of the enterprise brand is strong and it has the potential to develop the brand. To judge whether an enterprise's brand is strong, we need to consider the origin of the brand, the degree of popularity and the user's understanding of the brand. The establishment of a company in Hong Kong will determine the effectiveness of the brand and enable the brand to enjoy a high value position.

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