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Pongee Fabric Variety
- Aug 17, 2017 -

Spring-Asian textile fabrics are the most common varieties have half spring and Asian spinning, all spring Asian spinning, Guangchunya spinning, etc., is now the three series introduced below.

Semi-elastic type

"Semi-elastic spring-spun" cloth has been made by people to make suits, suits, jackets, children's wear, professional clothing and other lining accessories, now with the domestic exhibition and advertising industry development, the growing demand for the flag category, "Half Spring Asia textile" became Wujiang China Oriental Silk market a major sales highlights. The fabric warp using polyester fdy60d/24f as raw material, the use of plain weave in the water jet loom interwoven, fabric after softening, decrement, dyeing, stereotypes, such as processing, on-screen polyester silk luster performance of its style features to feel soft and smooth, not easy to crack unloading, not easy to fade, bright luster and other advantages, especially the production of various flags more vivid.

Full Elastic type

"All spring Asian Spinning" variety, complete specifications, of which 240T, 300T, the market is most favored, the fabric Jingwei are using polyester $literal (network silk) interwoven, fabrics using flat-change (1/2 twill, 1/3 twill) texture weaving. Weaving craft ingenuity, dyeing and finishing process application of "environmental protection" dyeing, to promote the appearance of the cloth, gloss, etc. greatly improved, product dyeing and finishing process continuation, such as: Coated PVC, PU, textile velvet coating, and other fabrics of electric embroidery, powder point composite, grinding, rolling light, so that the application of spring-wide spinning and more widely, so the market sales increased each year.

Extinction type

"Guangchunya textile" is a family of spring-spinning series, the fabric longitude are used polyester extinction $literal or 50d/72f (network wire), of which a fabric specifications for 300T using the texture of two-dimensional change textures woven made. Weaving process ingenuity, dyeing and finishing process application of "environmentally friendly" dyeing, to promote the appearance of cloth, such as a great change, especially the use of matting polyester fabric color more soft. "Guangchunya textile" fabrics apply to a wide range, so marketable after the north and South Jia favored, in the Oriental market has formed a sales hotspot.