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Pongee Fabric Model Differentiation
- Aug 17, 2017 -

For example:

1, "240T Spring," the "T" in the interpretation of: Jingwei yarn in the range of the number of roots in the sum is called "T". (1 inch $number. 54CM)

2, 75d*150d/288f: Refers to the warp is 75D polyester yarn, weft is 150D (denier), 288F (filament) of polyester yarn woven.

D is denier (denier) abbreviation, is a kind of fineness expression method of the chemical fiber, is refers to the 9000 meters long silk in the public fixed moisture regain the weight gram number, also is called the denier number. The larger the D, the thicker the yarn. Eg: 75D is thicker than 50D.

S is the abbreviation of the British branch, for the fineness of pure cotton yarn expression, refers to a pounds (454 grams) of cotton yarn with 840 yards (1 yards = 0.9144 meters) the number of lengths. There are several 840 yards. So the bigger the S, the finer the yarn. Eg: 32S is thinner than 21S.