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Walk into the world of charge
- Jan 01, 2018 -

The storming clothing belongs to the laminated fabric, which combines the multilayer fabric and the waterproof and breathable film together to play a waterproof, breathable and windproof function.

In general, there are two layers of fabric and three layers of fabric. Two layers of fabric and three layers of fabric have no good or bad, just to adapt to different environment.Functional principle of clothing fabric Windproof, waterproof, and breathable The so-called professional waterproof, refers to whether you sit in a damp place, or walking in the environment It's raining and blowing hard. invasion, can effectively prevent the rain and snow, so that water can not penetrate into the clothes that make you feel cold and damp;Waterproof principle: the pore size of the membrane is only about 1/20000 of a drop of water, which means that the small water droplet outside can not penetrate the thin film, so as to achieve the effect of waterproofing.The air, is when you are outdoors exercise when the body's natural skin sweat, breath a lot of moisture, if not quickly excreted, will lead to sweat gas trapped in between the body and the clothes, a wet and rainy weather, will feel more humid and cold. Especially in the cold conditions such as high mountains and canyons, the cold and temperature loss of the body are very dangerous, so the good air permeability of clothing is very important.The principle of air permeability is that the pore size of the membrane is 700 times larger than that of the water vapor molecule, which means that the sweat vapor of the human body can be easily passed through, so that the film has good air permeability.The so-called wind protection refers to the prevention of air cooling effect of one hundred percent. In the changeable natural environment, when the cold wind penetrates our clothes, it will blow away a warm air near our skin. The warm air is about a centimeter thick, the temperature is 34 degrees -35, and the humidity is between 40%-60%. Even a slight change in the warm air will make us feel cold and uncomfortable. When the cold wind blows into the clothes, it destroys the warm air and leads to the rapid loss of heat and the descent of body temperature. We will feel the chill immediately. This is the so-called air-cooled effect. The principle of windbreak: because of the disorder of the arrangement of thin films, there is no wind through the required single direction channel, and the wind scatters on the surface of the thin film, so that it can not go through the maze like membrane structure. The water proof and air proof and wind proof of the charge clothing are mainly based on the film of the middle layer. The surface fabric of the charge clothing has been treated with water splashing before leaving the factory. The anti water treatment of the surface fabric of the garment is largely related to the maximum exertion of the air permeability of the charge garment. This is because if rainwater drenched the outer fabric completely, the water molecules will completely block the outermost layer of air permeability. The sweat emitted by our body will also lose the access to the outfit, and the clothing will lose its air permeability