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The Ways of Judging Outdoor Fabric Quality
- Mar 07, 2018 -

The Ways of Judging Outdoor Fabric Quality

  Although the type of outdoor sports is very wide, but professional outdoor sportswear such as assault clothing is mainly for mountaineering, skiing and other alpine sports in terms of. In addition to physical and technical requirements of participants themselves, outdoor sports also need outdoor clothing to adapt to the harsh weather and complex geographical environment in order to protect the physical safety of athletes. Because of these two characteristics of outdoor and sports, the requirements of the clothing is relatively more stringent and demanding: outdoor sports heat, sweat and evaporation, and requires good ventilation and ventilation clothing Difficult to meet the wind and rain in the wild, clothing must have a certain Waterproof outdoor sports want to minimize the load, clothing should be as light as the wild wind, mountain cold, wind and warm performance requirements of outdoor washing conditions are limited, clothing antibacterial deodorant and stain-proof requirements.

  Any single natural or chemical fiber can not meet these requirements and can only achieve these functions as much as possible through the combination of multiple fibers and multi-path chemical finishing.

  1. Warmth

  2. Waterproof and breathable

  3. Antibacterial and deodorant 

  4. Antifouling and stain removal

  5. Anti-static and radiation protection

  It can be said that outdoor sportswear represents the latest cutting-edge technology in today's textile science and technology, which is also an important reason of fabric expensive price. 

  Although the price is not low, but a set of windproof, breathable, moisture, warmth, radiation and other performance as one of the professional outdoor sportswear, for a climber, and sometimes may have the same meaning as a life!

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