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Polyester Tower Silk Long
- Aug 17, 2017 -

And nylon tower filament difference only on raw materials, other weaving, dyeing process basically similar.

The main products are:

Has the light polyester Taslan: Uses is the polyester big light $literal and the 160D polyester air variable silk as raw material, according to the 230T specification chooses the Jacquard organization, weaves on the water-jet loom, the cloth cover width is 150 centimeters, each cubic material cloth weight is approximately 128 grams. Coupled with the printing and dyeing, jacquard and other processing, making the fabric jacquard pattern rich, soft cloth feel smooth, suitable for the production of casual underwear, etc., into the installed behind the fashion sense, but also the charm of the Times.

Extinction polyester Taslan: The fabric warp is all extinction $literal, weft using polyester aty160d as raw materials, the selection of fine plain weave in the Water-jet loom weaving, has undergone stereotypes, dyeing, waterproof agent treatment, such as many steps deep processing, the width of the cloth is 160 cm, the weight of 85 grams per meter. With its soft touch, good waterproof performance, taking advantage of strong performance and so on to win the long-term trust of customers. Color, the market on the finished fabric to dark tone, and to navy, deep coffee and other colors of the most good sales. Fabrics suitable for the production of jackets, travel clothes and other leisure clothing. These two polyester woven silk fabric, because of the advantages of its raw materials, make the fabric texture soft, suitable for market demand.