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Peach skin fabric cleaning and maintenance
- Aug 17, 2017 -

The most important thing is the breathing of the dermis, so to regularly clean to keep the pores of the dermis surface is not blocked by dust, scrub can be wiped with pure cotton or silk after gently wipe, after cleaning can also use the green beads or glazing wax and so on to keep clean.

If accidentally contaminated with oil traces, can be used cotton cloth, towels dipped in the right amount of neutral soap water wipe, and then dry cotton cloth, do not use water to scrub directly. After cleaning the leather sofa, can spray on the special leather detergent, with silk repeatedly wipe repeatedly to prevent cortical aging. Leather furniture should be often wiped to make it clean so as not to breed bacteria.

If the velvet surface stained or dripping on the oil, you should first use dry cloth to wipe the surface of the dust, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth (note not to force too big, should gently rub (if you can not wipe off the high powder, to the small particles of the kind).

Then use a special glue brush in one direction to the wool on the skin straighten, because the fur only in the same direction in the same time will make the entire skin uniform color.