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Outdoor clothing waterproof fabric difference
- Jan 14, 2018 -

Generally speaking, the functionality of outdoor clothing comes from the fabric, the buckle and the trimmings. The most important thing is the fabric.
There are five main functional requirements for shell fabrics: warm, waterproof, windproof, breathable, scratch-resistant.
First of all need to be clear: Jackets (hard shell) compared to ordinary wool or polyester, cotton jacket without any extra warmth, he called Hard
Shell, meaning just a layer to protect your hard shell, the main function is to prevent warm wind and water to take away the body temperature and to prevent the dead branches and other sharp objects inside the warm scratch you scratch the middle layer lead to loss of temperature. Winter outdoor activities in the normal wear in the assault coat which sets high fluffy thin down jacket plus outdoor quick-drying underwear.
WaterProof / WindStop:
Why waterproof: We need to protect the body, including all liquids, including physical damage, such as strong pH or unclean caused by allergies or injuries, the liquid completely soaked in clothing after the loss of body temperature caused by evaporation . Waterproof is divided into temporary surface water repellent and permanent durable waterproof by 2 ways.
Surface water repellent: also known as DWR (Durable Water Repellency / Resistance)
, The main effect of the liquid poured on the surface of the lotus leaf effect appears to form water droplets, and will not penetrate the fabric, contaminated, infiltration, proliferation. This is due to the plastic properties of the fluorinated material. The non-stick (Teflon) we have seen, the automotive glass water repellent, the so-called "nano-water repellent" contained in some shoe polish, the outdoor apparel just purchased When the lotus leaf surface effect is the case. So DWR is a kind of protective coating on the surface, so it is only temporary water repellent
Resistance, and can not be equated with the fabric waterproofing
proof, the DWR water repellent feature of outdoor garments usually disappears by more than 50% after several machine washes, both for Archeopteryx or for $ 100. (Xiao Bian Note: Recommended DWR waterproof groundhog Zeus down jacket)
Water repellent to do the cost of less than 10 yuan, even with nikwax spray can be lotus leaf effect. However, this stuff is fool kid actor, can not be water pressure and a wash on it
Long-lasting waterproof and windproof: Long-lasting waterproofing means waterproofing, that is, it can continue to prevent liquid from passing through under the action of external force.
Durable waterproof only two technologies - PU and E-PTFE film adhesive technology.
PU: divided into PU coating and PU adhesive technology, similar to the umbrella raincoat technology, slightly advanced, using a complete blocking technology, and did not deliberately reserved for the water vapor through the aperture, in general, ventilation is not windproof Waterproof, windproof and waterproof is not breathable. For example, Mountain
EPIC and The North Hardwear
Face hyvent, Texan wolf claw, Columbia Omni-Tech, Adidas ClimaProof, Nike Storm-Fit are in fact the same thing, when the raincoat to wear naturally, after a lot of sweating will have a strong Feeling hot
E-PTFE-based multilayer film adhesive technology: by Gore (Gore
Tex, Event, SympaTex, Neoshell, Toray, dentik, etc. It is divided into 2 layers, 2.5 layers and 3 layers. The principle is that the pore size of the membrane in the middle layer is very small Just through the water vapor form of water molecules can not be through the form of droplets of water molecules and oxygen, such as nitrogen gas molecules.
Gore fabric three layers indicate:
Usually we say "Jackets" refer to 3 layers of full version of the fabric, and 2 layers of fabric only fit the outer layer of protection and waterproof film, there is no protection of the waterproof layer, 2.5 layer that is added a layer of grid cloth.
Layer 2 Gore-Tex Active (corresponding to the original Gore-Tex Active Shell / Paclite)
2.5 layers Gore-Tex (corresponding to the original Gore-Tex Performance Shell)
3 layers Gore-Tex Pro (corresponding to the original Gore-Tex Pro Shell)
Breathable clothing:
The first thing to be clear is that the air permeability is divided into "water vapor" and "through the air," all of the air jordan shoes assault clothing are not allowed to air through the mouth blowing is purely nonsense, while the soft shell below to talk about Clothing allows some air to pass through. So here we are talking about water vapor. As already mentioned above, E-PTEE films can be permeable to water vapor through the plastic aperture characteristics. The usual test method is to burn a cup of hot water, a part of the clothes cover cup mouth to observe the water vapor transmission.
Only when the body sweats will appear water vapor, GTX in the moisture permeability effect in the measured humidity temperature is greater than the outside will begin to take effect, the specific performance is the cold weather can see the entire clothes smoking, sitting in the cool place to rest Leave a pool of water outside. . . Just a little exercise, even the most expensive GTX
Proshell or Event clothing is also very boring, but a little boring will begin to sweat no longer hot.
Wear scratch-resistant:
Usually any need to consider the long-lasting fabric scratch-resistant, anti-stretch properties, outdoor functional fabric even more so, usually N, D units to the nominal. These abrasion-resistant scratch-resistant indexes are not related to the waterproof breathable Gore-Tex or Event film, but to the polyester cloth attached to the film surface. In general, the surface of the assault clothing on the polyester fabric at least 250 or more levels, in the design of some styles of clothing will be worn with different degrees of fabric stitching, such as elbows, cuffs, back, knees and other parts to reach 500 fabric, Other parts of the use of 240, which is to minimize the weight rather than cut corners.