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What kind of fabric is used in the operating suit?
- Jan 01, 2018 -

What kind of fabric can be used to replace the fabric of the operating garment? The fabric belonging to the operating garment belongs to the medical shield fabric, which mainly focuses on the barrier property. Barrier properties include properties that prevent liquid and microbial infiltration. Medical personnel are inevitably exposed to the blood and body fluids of patients during medical rescue. Blood and body fluids often carry pathogens such as hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus and AIDS virus.

Secondly, in the use of surgical gowns should be clean and tidy, not easy to produce dust and dander, because falling gown surface villi and particles to carry pathogens, causing harm to patient safety; at the same time, evaluate the protective performance of surgical gown should stretch strength and wear resistance of fabrics with. Because the breakage and wear of the clothes will lead to direct contact between the pathogen and the skin of the medical staff, which makes the surgical clothes lose their protective ability. In addition, the patient's blood will spatter during the operation, so the surgical coat must have a certain adsorption and water pressure resistance. In addition, the operating clothing should also meet the requirements of comfort, flame retardancy, antistatic and other requirements.

At present, the hospital should be more than 8 is made of cotton fabric, with 20X20 (108X58), 20X20 (60X60), the use of a small amount of 21X21 (100X50), but in western countries for surgical clothing requirements has the protective and control as the main focus of specification, reduce the application of cotton gown the. Although cotton has a good permeability, no barrier protection function, in case of major surgery, bleeding or need to use a lot of washing liquid, liquid spray operation clothes will be soaked into the inner layer of the brush hand clothing, with possible pathogens to enable medical staff to face greater risk of infection. With the promotion of sense of control and protection, medical and nursing clothing manufacturers and hospitals have improved this problem from materials. For cotton operating clothing, manufacturers may use postprocessing to add water splashing agent or multi layer combination to reduce adsorption liquid. In the hospital, the doctors and nurses in the operation room may avoid contact with the human body by sticking the waterproof membrane or water collecting layer to collect the liquid from the operation.

So the current medical fabric manufacturers according to the operation clothes have launched the functional requirements, solve the problem of the fabric, the first is the high density fabric, selection of polyester fiber material, and the fabric embedding conductive fiber or carbon fiber, the fabric with antistatic effect, hydrophobic and prevent in blood and liquid, with barrier function, not easy to produce dust and cotton wadding operation clothes and advantages. But the repeated use of washable cotton gown more than the average increase of 50-70 times, characteristic of this kind of operation clothes light, water washing reduces the cost, so the overall cost drops, which is currently the polyester fiber class gown, which we now launched three anti fabrics, four anti reason fabric type of surgery to improve the amount of clothing used.