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Medical protective clothing performance requirements(2)
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Third, the physical and mechanical properties

The medical protective clothing must be sufficiently strong during wear or it may be stretched or damaged. If worn during surgery, it may sometimes be punctured by sharp objects such as needles and scissors to provide transmission of bacteria and viruses Channel, thus weakening the protective function of materials, medical staff and patients will be exposed to bacteria invade the environment, increasing the chance of being infected.


Medical protective clothing in use because of friction and force may wear off and produce flocs, these fine particles will be directly bacteria, virus propagation and transmission of the carrier, the patient's wound adversely. Therefore, as a medical protective clothing, in addition to having the basic rupture ability, burst capacity and tear ability but also sufficient puncture resistance and wear resistance, so as to ensure that the wound clean, minimize the risk of falling floc.


Fourth, other aspects 

Medical protective clothing must be sterilized before use, so the material itself should have good disinfection tolerance. In the case of reusability, protective clothing will be reused after it has been disinfected and laundered, should be resistant to washing and easy to clean, and should be kept in good dimensional stability during the process without shrinking or the like Should be washed for medical protective clothing capacity decline, can not achieve the effect of protection.