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Characteristics and uses of polyester taffeta fabric
- Oct 14, 2017 -

Characteristics and uses of polyester taffeta fabric

1, the market is generally finished taffeta fabric, a fabric after dyeing, printing, embossing, coating and a series of process, light texture, durable, easy to clean, cheap and so on.

2, polyester taffeta most of the lining as the clothing, feel smooth and comfortable, elastic and bright luster, not easy to wrinkle and deformation, low shrinkage.

3, has a uniform thickness of monofilament polyester taffeta, high strength, easy tearing.

4, polyester taffeta is widely used, not only can be made into a variety of clothing lining, but also suitable for jackets, down clothes, umbrellas, bags, tents, bath curtains, tablecloths and other production.

The cleaning of taffeta

1, when taffeta clean, can clean liquid into the mixing of warm water, and then the taffeta fabric is dipped in water for about 10 minutes, then gently rub can be carried out by hand, rubbing, do not use strong, will cause the deformation of taffeta fabric.

2, taffeta fabric on the water is best not to wring, can use the towel dry water can be wrapped in the washing machine after dehydration, dry or dried, will Tav fabric flattening in a dry place to dry in the shade.

3, to keep polyester taffeta dry, but do not put on the sun exposure, easy to cause discoloration and deformation of fabrics.

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