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Brushed Tricot Fabric Functional Fabrics
- Aug 17, 2017 -

1. Anti-fouling and oil-resistant fabrics this kind of fabric commonly used for oil, pollution occasions overalls, can be Teflon finishing to meet the requirements of anti-pollution and oil resistance.

2, fluorescent fabrics commonly used mesh fabric dyeing or coating to get fluorescence properties for traffic police personnel, road maintenance personnel for jacket vest take.

3, antistatic fabrics are used in oil, chemical and other easy accumulation of electrostatic accident operation of the service lot. Most commonly used in a large number of graphite conductive fiber, according to a certain interval configuration warp, in the fabric of electrostatic leakage pathway. Because this conductive fiber contains a large amount of graphite, it is black, difficult to make color selection to match, has been successfully developed and mass production of the conductive fiber, the conductive fiber with polyethylene terephthalate two ester and polyoxyethylene polymer blended silk, the island type, the island phase of polyoxyethylene along the fiber axis with slender micro-fiber dispersion in the sea phase of anti-static leakage pathway.

4, Anti-ultraviolet Fabrics now field operations Anti-ultraviolet damage has been mentioned on the agenda, for this purpose, UV-resistant fabric development. The use of UV-resistant fiber for weaving, in this kind of fiber added anti-ultraviolet additive, can absorb wavelength is 290~400nm ultraviolet rays, absorb ultraviolet material is phenyl salicylate, 2, 4 hydroxyl benzophenone and so on, in addition titanium dioxide, zinc oxide powder can play the role of blocking ultraviolet rays.

5, radiation-proof fabric as a high radiation area or workplace protective clothing, when the use of radiation-resistant fiber for weaving, this kind of fiber is often added radiation-resistant substances, such as neutron-resistant fiber, add lithium-6, boron-10, etc., to prevent gamma-ray fiber, then add titanium dioxide. In the atomic energy industry, aerospace and other areas need to use the radiation-resistant chemical reduction and crosslinking reaction of the radiation-resistance fibers, the development is now successful polyimide fiber.

6, anti-bacterial fabrics will be made of polyester fabric after finishing anti-bacterial after cleaning cloth, can also develop clothing fabrics.